Adam Klęczar - partner


A member of the Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law in Warsaw. A graduate of law at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdańsk.

He gained his experience in Ernst & Young consulting company and prestigious law firms. He specialises in handling business transactions, restructuring proceedings and real estate law. He participated in and led induction for foreign entrepreneurs, aiming at introducing them to the Polish market, mergers and acquisitions, company transformations, as well as company restructuring, including drafting composition agreements. He provides legal advice to entities from the energy, construction and medical industry, as well as to start-ups.

He counsels entities operating in the real estate industry. He co-performed due diligence on real estates purchased both by Polish and foreign investors for industrial, commercial or housing purposes. He advises developers, construction companies and design studios on the investment and construction process and contract law. He also represents housing community.

An author of press articles on corporate law, tax law, restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.

A participant in postgraduate programme ‘Akademia Spółek’ (Academy of Companies) at the Warsaw School of Economics.

He is fluent in English as confirmed by the Toles Advanced certificate.