Tax audits and proceedings

We offer representation services for our Clients before the Tax Office in the course of tax audits and tax proceedings. Our qualifications are based on thorough knowledge of tax law and audit procedures as well as many years of experience in working in tax, customs and fiscal audit administration. When representing a taxpayer before an authority, we:

  • predict and analyse potential allegations made by tax authorities which may appear in their decision closing a tax proceeding;
  • define the line of defence based on an analysis of the facts of the case;
  • submit explanations for the Client;
  • take active part in the audit or proceedings, filing our own motions for evidence to highlight circumstances favourable to our Client;
  • take active part in proceedings to take evidence such as witness or party hearings;
  • prepare any procedural documents such as complaints, objections to the tax audit protocol or objections to the general ledger audit protocol;
  • we build a line of argument based on the most recent case law of administrative courts;
  • appeal unfavourable decisions and act before authorities of second instance;
  • stand against arbitrary decisions of officials, abuse of power by tax authority representatives, and any unlawful actions.

We believe that profound knowledge of tax law and of the mechanisms of tax authorities allows us to render professional help to our Clients in conflicts with fiscal administration.