Company law, transaction services

The EMPIRIUM law firm provides advice on establishment and incorporation of new corporate law entities, such as partnerships, companies, foundations or associations. First, we talk to the client about their business and economic objectives and then we develop a corporate structure concept that would prove most effective, from both legal and tax perspective, to meet the objectives set by the client. Next, we implement the agreed corporate model by drawing up relevant agreements and documents, registering the entities with the National Court Register and other registers as required by law and taking other legal and factual actions necessary to start a business.

We provide ongoing legal and tax services for entrepreneurs, consisting in legal and tax consultations on legal transactions undertaken by those entities at all stages of their activity, from commencement of operations to winding-up, liquidation or bankruptcy.

We advise our clients on transactions related to shareholders’ rights, including but not limited to: increase or decrease of the company’s share capital, disposal or pledge of shares, assumption of rights and obligation of a partner in a partnership. We conduct tax audits for every transaction undertaken by our clients.

We represent our clients before courts in litigations concerning, among others, shareholder removal, declaration of invalidity or revocation of company or partnership resolutions. Furthermore, we provide legal consultations, including representation in court proceedings on behalf of individuals holding managing positions in partnerships and companies, in proceedings concerning, among others: compensation, subsidiary liability of board members for a partnership’s obligations arising out of tax arrears or obligations towards third parties, white collar crimes.

The EMPIRIUM team provides services in the following areas:

  • incorporation of companies and partnerships, including compilation of documents required for registration with the National Court Register, representation in court proceedings concerning company or partnership registration;
  • drawing up joint venture agreements, silent partnership agreements, trust deeds, other agreements or documents laying down the terms of cooperation between partners when engaging in business activities;
  • legal services for general meetings of shareholders, including taking minutes, preparation of draft resolutions, documents and regulations, registration of relevant changes in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register;
  • legal and tax analysis of the transaction planned by the client and drawing up agreements and documents safeguarding the client’s interests in the transaction;
  • comprehensive legal and tax services relating to merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions as well as transformation and change of the legal status of the client’s business activity;
  • representation in court proceedings arising out of disputes between shareholders or partners, concerning, among others, appeals against resolutions adopted by the company or partnership;
  • representation of management staff and members of the management board in civil, criminal and tax proceedings, also concerning subsidiary liability for the company’s or partnership’s obligations;
  • drawing up legal and tax opinions relating to company law and transactions.