Jakub Jaroń - partner

Tax advisor

Registry number: 13468.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law at the European School of Law and Administration.

Involved in the tax industry since 2006. He gained his professional experience over the years of work for tax authorities. As a fiscal control inspector, he was responsible for conducting VAT, PIT and CIT audits, as well as for auditing undisclosed sources of income.

As an associate in the Tax Department of Skarbiec R. Nogacki Law Firm, he advised clients on tax planning processes. He took part in numerous proceedings before tax authorities, customs and tax offices and administrative courts. A co-author of articles on tax law published, among others, in ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ daily or ‘Wprost’ weekly.

A holder of the postgraduate degree in Transfer Pricing and Tax Management at the Warsaw School of Economics.

He specialises in disputes with tax authorities, in particular VAT audits and proceedings (including the so-called ‘VAT carousels’). In his daily practice, he also deals with transfer pricing issues, building tax schemes to reduce the fiscal burden and providing ongoing tax advice to entrepreneurs.