Vat refunds

Tax authorities are entitled to and may withhold VAT refund until they confirm it is justified. As experience shows, this entitlement is often abused. Tax authorities notoriously postpone the refund of VAT, and a taxpayer’s accounts are verified over long-lasting fiscal audits. Due to the many years of waiting for a VAT refund, a thriving company might find itself on the brink of bankruptcy. Entrepreneurs lose not only liquidity but also the trust of their contracting partners and financial institutions. As a result, unlawful actions of tax authorities regularly cause businesses to close down. A seasoned tax counsellor works with the company in order to prevent such fate. Our services include:

  • verifying the formal and substantive correctness of decisions made by tax offices to postpone a tax refund;
  • verifying the correctness of delivery of a decision of a tax authority based on the most recent case law of administrative courts;
  • preparing complaints and reminders regarding unlawful VAT refund postponements;
  • preparing complaints to the provincial administrative court regarding procedural errors of tax authorities;
  • preparing complaints to the provincial administrative court regarding the dilatoriness of tax offices as well as power abuse by tax administration staff.

The help of a professional attorney can significantly shorten the time to receive a VAT refund.